Effectively Integrate Adsense into Your Website

Signing up for an Adsense account and copy-pasting some codes into your website’s HTML code is all that is needed to start serving Google Adsense ads and make some money. But if ‘some money’ is not what you are looking for, integrating the ads into your website becomes a more time and thought-consuming task which is well worth the time and thought that goes into it.

Ad Colors

Google Adsense allows you to display ads in every possible color combination. You will see some pre-made color palettes in a  drop-down box when you are generating the ad codes. Apart from the pre-made ones, you can also make your own customized color palettes to exactly match your website colors and save them for use every time you generate a code. Matching the ads to your content will give you much better results.

If you want the ad to fill a particular ad spot, i.e. look like an ad, use the ‘border’ color option. If you want to place the ads between content, stay away from the borders and use colors that you would normally use in your content. That will make the ads look like a part of your content and since, the ads are so relevant, they will actually be ‘additional content sources’ for your visitors, rather than obtrusive ads.

Ad Formats

You will find a lot of options for ad formats. Ad formats really depend upon your website layout, but there are some generally beneficial tips which you can keep in mind when selecting ad formats:

1. Use skyscrapers if you have ad space in your right or left side navigation menu.

2. A Leaderboard (long, wide rectangle) on the top of your page or at the bottom of your content (not page) also gives good results.

3. 468×60 banners and rectangle and square boxes, with no borders, are great to use within content.

4. Rectangle and Square Boxes will also give good results when integrated in a page that lists topics along with short descriptions with the topics linked to individual articles.

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