Purchasing Web Hosting

Just like you need space to build your shop or office, you need 'web space' to build your website on. For this, you will need to rent web space from a Hosting company for a month or better, a year. There are a … [Continue reading]

Page Length Considerations when Designing a Website

When arranging your pages, be aware that novice viewers can be easily disoriented by long, scrolling Web documents. They seem unable to find links when they disappear off-screen as they move … [Continue reading]

Navigation and Sitemaps

It is necessary to think of a proper navigation system for your website. Some visitors may land directly on to some page other than your index page from a link on some other website or a search … [Continue reading]

How to Hire a Website Designer – Part 2

Freelance vs. the Big Web Design Firm After you evaluate the selected sites, you may need to choose between engaging a freelancer and using a big Web design company. A big Web design company may … [Continue reading]

How to Hire a Website Designer

Today, anyone who wants to provide information, sell something, share information or promote a business knows that a Web presence will help them achieve those goals. A charity … [Continue reading]

Microsoft FrontPage Tutorial with Template – 2

Using simple CSS to control formatting. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were introduced way back in 1996. Even 8 years later, many webmasters still haven't taken advantage of … [Continue reading]

Microsoft FrontPage Tutorial with Template – 2

Microsoft FrontPage is grossly underrated by many people and often viewed as a beginners tool. It's true, it is very beginner friendly - but FrontPage is also very powerful and  capable of … [Continue reading]

Microsoft FrontPage Tutorials and Resources

1. FrontPage Template and Tutorial Extremely Useful FrontPage Tutorials and Articles on the Web: 1. Microsoft® FrontPage® Articles 2. FrontPage How-To … [Continue reading]

Registering a Domain Name

What is a Domain Name? Choosing a Domain Name Registering a Domain Name Resources What is a Domain Name? … [Continue reading]

Designing Website Yourself vs. Hiring a Website Designer

In the early years of the internet the actual design of a website was either very basic or had to be done using a software package that needed a specialist to use it. Not surprisingly, website … [Continue reading]