Top 5 Marketing Strategies to Promote to Women

As an entrepreneur who also happens to be a woman, you have some unique decision-making to do as you enter the business world. First and foremost, as you begin the process of starting, running and growing your new business, you need to decide how essential you want it to be that you are, in fact, […]

List of Websites Accepting Article Submissions

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Website/Banner Advertising

The most conventional method of online advertising i.e. advertising on other websites, still retains its hold. Search Engines bring you more traffic than any other resource, but getting listed on their search results might take much longer than you expect and even if you do manage to get listed, it will again take a lot […]

Search Engine Promotion – Submitting to Search Engines

Read more in ‘Search Engine Optimization’ Search Engines are a very important factor when it comes to marketing your website. All your other sources of website traffic put together will not be able to give you as any visitors as search engines will. This is because 90% of all Internet users utilize search engines and […]

List of Search Engines to Submit Your Website

Here is a list of all major search engines worth submitting your website to: 1. Google (Free Submission) Home Page –; Submission Page: 2. Yahoo (Free Submission) Note: You must have a Yahoo account in order to use this feature. Home Page – Submission Page – 3. MSN (Free Submission) Home […]

Encourage Visitors to Return


How to Promote my Contest? – Guide to Holding Contests for Website Promotion

In the first part of this guide, we saw tips on How to Hold a Contest?. Holding a contest will be of little use if nobody comes to know about the contest being held on your website. Here are ways to promote your contest: 1. Announce your contest on your website index page, major traffic pages or […]

PPC Advertising Resources

With the growth PPC advertising has seen in the last few years, additional services have appeared to help advertisers simply the management of different PPC ad programs. There are other PPC advertising programs available today such as, Enhance Interactive, e-Pilot, Kanoodle, e-spotting, ePilot and Search123. Overture has programs for many different countries. Shopping Search […]

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is still one of the quickest and effective ways of promoting your business online. Some call it keyword auctioning, and if people are bidding high prices to get on the major search engines and other top web properties, then you know it’s a profitable place to be. Many potential advertisers make […]

Overture Pay Per Click – Review and Tips

Overture, now owned by Yahoo, (now called Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions) is considered the original pay per click program. Its clients include some of the most prestigious web sites and you’ll have front page ads on all of them. Overture’s top of page placement and the fact that you have lots of room for descriptive […]