Top 5 Marketing Strategies to Promote to Women

As an entrepreneur who also happens to be a woman, you have some unique decision-making to do as you enter the business world. First and foremost, as you begin the process of starting, running and growing your new business, you need to decide how essential you want it to be that you are, in fact, a woman. Women online are very supportive of each other and many a business thrive on good networking skills between the women communities online.

Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Women-Owned Businesses to Promote Products to Women

Here I will give you 5 top marketing strategies to market your Products/Services to women.

Networking Among Women

In the current era, you have many opportunities to convey your messages to other business women or women consumers. One of the fastest growing methods is Social Networking. Via social networking you can pass your ideas and views to a number of connected members, which is also very effective in bringing quick results. My top 5 social sites to promote to women are:

1. Pinterest

2. Google Plus Communities

3. Facebook

4. Twitter

5. Blogs – Guest Post Exchanges, Participation in Communities etc.

Develop a Good Marketing Plan

If you are running a women-owned business and want to market your products/services to women, then it is very important to develop a marketing plan. The marketing plan will basically include the type of audience, what you are going to do and whom it is directed at. Once you have the data in your hands, you can target your promotional activities. Facebook, for example, lets you choose the age, relationship status, education, location etc. of people who see your ads.

Create ads, messages and posts that you will use keeping in mind the women you are specifically looking to promote to. Test your ads and posts to see if your target audience finds them compelling enough to click on it and buy your products.

You will also need a good statistics program to track the visitors. While most places you advertise will give you the stats, but you need your own to track the visitors coming in from social networking websites and other blogs. Sign up for Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for an in-depth knowledge of your website’s performance.

Targeting Women

Being business-women, you know the needs and necessities of other women. This provides an extra opportunity to grow your business, when compared to other business operators. Women like to buy products and services from a provider who can understand their needs. Targeting your products or services towards women and publicizing the same will definitely bring a boom to your business. You could make your customers feel special by offering special discounts to those who shop by following your links from women’s communities you promoted your products in.

Categorize Your Products/Services

For marketing your products/services, you should also know the type of women using them. You have to target your audiences based on their demographics, age, race, financial conditions, etc. It’s not necessary that the strategy designed for one group of women will be effective on other group of women. For e.g. education and interests will not matter too much if you are promoting wedding products to brides. In that case, promoting to general women’s groups will not give you any results. You will need to streamline your promoting methods to the wedding audience on Twitter and Pinterest, find wedding blogs to advertise on and use advanced targeting options when advertising on Facebook.

Product Reviews

Product reviews give useful information about your product/service to other customers. It has become one of the top marketing strategies in marketing and a necessity when your target audiences are women. Women, as you will know yourself, are savvy shoppers and they like to look around before buying. So, you can be sure that if women are contemplating buying your product or services then they will search for reviews online and more the reviews you have, the better is the chance the buyer will get convinced.

To get quality reviews, you can send samples of your products to bloggers who review products in a similar niche. You can also get your existing customers and Facebook page fans to post reviews of your products to help other buyers decide upon the purchase. You can also film the reviews and post them on YouTube for prospective clients to see.

Above were the 5 top marketing strategies for women-owned businesses to target women and increase sales. You can also, of course, apply most of these rules when promoting your products to anyone in general, but as I said before, the online women’s community is very supportive and if they can, they will support another woman first and foremost. So, if you are just starting a new online business and looking for initial sales or your products and services cater specifically to women, you will find it very useful to direct all your marketing strategies to promote online to other women.

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  1. this is really interesting. I kind of intuitively knew this already and I know, when I’m talking to men I don’t feel as comfortable as I do talking with women. With women it’s a conversation. With men it feels like a hard sell to me. One thing I’ve learned about writing blog posts is to think about one person who is your perfect “target” and talk to her directly like you’re having a one on one conversation…makes it feel more personal and real.

  2. To say that your post is eye opening would be an undertatement. My business has evolved to where 100% of my launches and promotions are carried out online. The access to a variety of platforms most of which come with little or no cost sets up an interesting set of choices for those looking to boot strap a launch.
    What you have shared here is a method which comes with more cost, but I also would assume the speed at which you see the results and eventually the scale and profitability of the launch is much greater as well. I also like that everyone of these tactics are scaleable.
    I am a couple of weeks from publishing my first infographic, so I was glad to see this new media make the list as well.
    Great post and wonderful overall content on your blog!
    cat mario online

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