How to Globally Disable Comments in WordPress

I realized only recently – after a big comment spam attack – that WordPress has no option to globally disable comments on posts. If you go to Settings > Discussion, you can disable posting of comments on new articles. But for the existing ones on your website, you can only go to individual posts and disallow them for each post.

How to Globally Disable Comments in WordPress

There are some plugins available, I believe, but not all are foolproof. Using the ‘Quick Edit’ tool will help you disable comments on each post without opening each one in the WordPress editor but is still time consuming if you have many posts.However, there is a (slightly) better way of doing this if you have more posts than you can manage. I had 3000+ posts and here’s what I did.

1. Go to your Dashboard and click on ‘Posts’.

2. Click on the ‘Published’ tab to view all your published posts. They will likely extend to innumerable number of pages.

3. Click on ‘Screen Options’. You will find this below the ‘Hello’ text. See where the No.3 is written.

Disable Comment in WordPress

4. Once you click on Screen Options, change the number of posts to a 100 or more if your internet connection can handle it. Click on Apply and you will see 100 post titles on each page.

Disable Comment in WordPress

5. Now use the bulk edit tool. Click on ‘Title’. This will select all the 100 posts displayed on the page. Go to the dropdown menu directly above ‘Title’ and select ‘Edit’ and then click ‘Apply’. You will see this screen pop out.

Disable Comment in WordPress

6. Go to ‘Comments’ and set to ‘Do not allow’. You can do the same for Pings also if you do not wish to allow any pingbacks.

There, you disabled comments on a 100 posts in one go. Go to the next page of posts and keep following the steps until you are done.

I learned from browsing the WordPress support forums that they are working on this issue and hopefully we will soon have a feature for globally allowing or disallowing comments on our blog posts, but until then, put in a few minutes of work and get those comments blocked out when you want them too!

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