Creating Semi-circular Text – Photoshop Tutorial

This Tutorial will show you how to create a curve isolated only to bottom of text.
1.) Create a new file. Go to File > New. Make it 500 X 230 pixels on a white background at 72 dpi then hit OK.
2.) Select the Text tool and type your text. I used Impact 140pt smooth. (Position it in the upper section of work area.)
3.) Select the Elliptical Marquee tool. Now,in the Layers palette, click on the New Layer icon to create a new layer. Draw a cirle to create an arc under your text. Select a contrasting color in the Foreground color box then go to Edit > Stoke. Use 1px and 100% opacity, then hit OK. (Ctrl + D) to de-select.
4.) In the layers palette, click on the text layer. Now go to Layer > Text > Create Work Path. Drag text layer to trash can, as we will no longer need it.
5.) Select the Magnifier tool and click once on work area to enlarge for viewing. Next, select the Direct Selection tool.
6.) Now, for the magic…
Click on a line to the first letter you would like to change. (The registration points will appear.)
Use (Ctrl + T) to activate the Free Transform bounding box.
Click on bottom center point and drag straight down until a corner of the text reaches the arc, then press Enter.
Click on opposite registration point and drag to meet arc, then click on blank spot of work area to de-select.
Below are these four steps in sequence.
7.) Repeat Step 6 until all letters have been transformed. Then, drag arc layer to trash can, we will no longer need it.
8.) Next, Use (Ctrl + Enter) to turn path into a selection. (This will begin the marching ants.)
9.) In the Layers palette, click on the New Layer icon. Select a color of your choice in the Foreground color box and use (Alt + Backspace) to fill. Use (Ctrl + D) to de-select.
There you have it, text is now complete.
I had a little fun with the text for my presentation image and these are the settings I used:
Stroke: Color #FFFF00 Size 3px
Gradient Overlay: Default 100% opacity
Color Overlay: Color #0033CC 50% opacity

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